Your Doulas


Tonya Buffington

She became a doula after her first was born in 2006. So many women fear birth, and after her daughter was born she was able to see birth as something women could look forward to instead of fear. She wants moms to feel educated and empowered by their choices in order to change the way our culture views birth.

Tonya is a DONA trained Doula who has served DFW since 2008. During that time she has attended upwards of 250 births. She is also postpartum trained and has previous experience working at one of the most prestigious birth centers in DFW for postpartum care. She is currently following her passion in lactation support to help her clients even more.




Beth Dickerson

Beth has three years experience as a CAPPA trained and Birth Boot Camp Certified doula.  She has seen several sides of birth, both as a midwifery student and assistant, and as postpartum help through a local birth center.  She is currently a reception manager at a local birth center, along with attending school to eventually get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

After Daniel, her oldest son, was born via a c section, she knew she wanted to VBAC with her second.  She also knew her best chances of that were going to be a natural birth, so she began to research natural birth.  During that time, she had several friends and family who would approach her with questions about newborn care and breastfeeding, and supporting new moms just came naturally to her.  Even though the birth of her second child also ended in a cesarean, she had an incredible birth, and feels empowered by it.



Brittany Hernandez

Brittany’s journey to becoming a doula began with the birth of her oldest daughter. What could have been a traumatizing experience ended up being incredible & empowering thanks to the support of an amazing birth team. After her birth a passion ignited in Brittany to serve expecting families and provide the same type of nurturing and supportive care that she received during her daughter’s birth. She believes that childbirth is a significant life experience that a mother will remember for the rest of her life and believes that the birth experience she has will change her life forever. One of the best ways for a woman to have an amazing and positive birth is to have a strong support system.

Brittany has been providing care as a doula to families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2011. During that time, she has trained with both DONA and Birth Boot Camp.