About Me

My Name Is Tonya Buffington

Originally a transplant from Tampa, Florida I met my husband here in Texas and moved with the military to upstate NY. We had our first little girl in NY at a little country hospital. I was assigned a midwife that was military personnel and she met me at the hospital to walk me through labor. She moved me around and encouraged me through my whole labor. Before I knew it I was asked to start pushing! After the birth I was sooo happy, I couldn’t believe I did it. There is nothing like that euphoric feeling and meeting your baby for the first time.

I remember immediately looking up how to go to school to be a Certified Nurse Midwife. My nurse midwife took me from being nervous about labor to feeling confidant and proud. I wanted to do the same for other people. I knew I wanted to be home with my kids for a little while, so as I was researching how to help a mom give birth and to change this fear culture I came across the word “Doula”. What in the world is that? A job where I can help change this culture? A job where I get to help women make their decisions and feel confident in them no matter what kind of birth they want? SIGN ME UP. While the birth community is ever changing this culture doesn’t seem to encourage that empowered feeling of being in charge of your body and what happens to it, especially during childbirth. Birthing a child is a special day you will remember the rest of your life, and a day that could potentially affect your body for the rest of your life as well.

In 2008 we moved from Watertown, NY to Fort Worth.  I immediately called a fabulous well known doula (now midwife) and met her at a preview of The Business of Being Born. I took a training through DONA the next month, certified less than 9 months later and have now been to over 300 births. I still pause and feel incredibly honored at every birth I am invited to support. I am also postpartum trained and have had previous experience working at one of the most prestigious birth centers in DFW for postpartum care. I am currently following my passion in lactation support to help my clients even more.

On a personal note, I live in North Fort Worth with my very supportive husband Rick and our two kiddos born in 2006 and 2009.I LOVE the ocean (remember…. Florida transplant), hiking at the lake, travel even if it is just 2 hours away, date evenings with my husband, praise and worship music of almost any kind and watching my kids laugh, and have fun doing what they love..which is dancing and musical instruments right now. My favorite foods are Italian roast coffees with a tad of cream and fresh foods from everywhere; I don’t think I’ve ever met a food I didn’t like!! I’m passionate about being a wife, mom, birth avocate, being genuine and celebrating each mommy like the hard working queen she is.

~ Tonya



I view birth as a natural God given ability. I believe with the right education and support, any woman who wants to can give birth naturally without medical intervention, with a few exceptions.

I truly believe that every intervention has a consequence, be it good or bad, and that empowering women to pick and choose which ones of these are appropriate and when can make a huge difference, and ultimately change the way a woman not only sees herself, but how she raises the next generation.